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    Net Battle & Shoddy Battle!


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    default Net Battle & Shoddy Battle!

    Post by Admin on Tue Nov 17, 2009 4:51 pm

    Okay pokemon trainers! Heres the deal, I've been having a lot of things on my mind, and well... I've decided that you should battle with friends, and other Pokemon Trainers!


    If you would like to install these battle programs, you may. And no, they do not give you a virus on your laptop/or computer.

    If you would like to battle with other trainers for a internet battle experience then go to this link:
    There are only a minimum of trainers you can pick on there, and yes there are starter Pokemon from all of your favorite regions!

    An other Pokemon internet battle system:

    Sign up, and battle your friends, and other trainers today!

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