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    Post by Admin on Sat Nov 14, 2009 1:24 pm

    Professor Oak gave you a Pokeball, what could be inside?

    Your curious about it, and say out loud, "Pokeball! GO!", a flash appeared & the pokeball opened.
    What did you get?

    Kanto Region Starter Pokemon:

    Johto Region Starter Pokemon:

    Hoenn Region Starter Pokemon:

    Sinnoh Region Starter Pokemon:

    Professor Oak is glad you obtained that Pokemon, and you of course... there is a Rival!

    "Come on! And battle with me!", the rival says.

    "Gary, the new trainer doesn't want to battle you can see that. Anyway, (your name) don't mind him. He's always pushy, and here is your first Pokedex!", Professor Oak handed you the Pokedex.

    You have obtained the Pokedex!

    You don't battle the rival yet. So thats good, but you have to show tender care & love for your Pokemon.

    Now your off to your Pokemon Journey, and good luck... you'll need it!

    How do I get these Pokemon? You PM the Admin, or the Mods, so you can get them!
    Some shops will be open, some will not.

    How does your Pokemon Level up?
    When you post up to 10, your Pokemon levels up! and Gains experience, and it jumps to level 5!
    Cool huh?

    How do get other Pokemon?
    You can search them around by looking at the Pokemon Plaza Center. We are currently working on that!

    How do you get Trainer cards?
    You can look up at http://www.pokecharms.com/trainercards/tcm2/ Or look up at
    You can look as many as you can to fit your style! Smile

    Are there any Pokemon Online games out there?
    Yes there are! I even play
    http://www.pokemonindigo.com/ check that one out and see if any trainers on here are playing!
    (add me if you want I'll give you my username if you PM me!)
    The Pokedex will guide you through many obstacles and Pokemon, and don't forget that your Pokemon are loyal to you.
    Yes, your starter Pokemon will follow you. (Like Ash's Pikachu in the Anime, and Yellow Special Pikachu Edition Game).

    Go out and explore some Pokemon!

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